Helpful Tips On Improving Your Tennis Game

Are you unsatisfied with your court play these days? Maybe you can’t seem to hit the ball hard enough or you hit it out of bounds too often. There are several things you can do to improve your tennis game and here are a few suggestions that can help you play and compete better.

Get the best possible equipment you can. What kind of racket are you using? If it is not one of the best rackets on the market today, you may be selling yourself short. Choose a racket that has a good feel and is easy on the wrist. Make sure it’s not too heavy or too light.

tennisYou need the right kind of shoes, so buy ones that are specifically made for the game. Don’t buy shoes made for running, jogging, or basketball. Choose something with a sturdy herringbone type tread which will give you great traction on the court. Also, good shoes are not cheap, so the money you invest in your feet, will pay off in your game.

Check out your opponent carefully. If you know this person, you are probably familiar with his or her weaknesses. For example, does he have a problem with backhand shots? If so, make him uncomfortable by using his backhand as much as possible. When you play to your opponent’s weakness you give yourself and edge, and this can be the difference between winning and losing.

If you are unfamiliar with your opponent, watch him or her during warm up. You can tell a lot about players as they get ready for a match. Once you spot a weakness, you’ll have an advantage before the match even starts.

How long are you warming up before play? You might not be giving your muscles adequate time to stretch out and relax. You need to allow plenty of time for stretching as this will provide you with a smoother and more fluid motion.

Proper stretching is important because it can help you avoid cramps and strains. Many injuries can be eliminated when you take sufficient warm-up time. Don’t let others hurry you if you are not ready. Stretch as long as you need to. Increase your warm-up time and see what happens.

While serving, don’t throw the ball up too high. This can cause you to strike downward and you may be more prone to hit the net. Only toss the ball up as high as your point of racket contact. This will give you the best angle for your shot. Try putting a little top spin on the ball, and this will make it easier for your serve to clear the net.

Practice self evaluation. Have you ever seen yourself play the game? If not, how can you possibly know what you are doing wrong? Have a friend video you as you go through all the moves on the court. Take the time to go over the video and see what kinds of mistakes you could be making. This can be a very enlightening experience, and you may learn a great deal about your skill set.